Poetry Contest

poetry contest shooting for peace


Students of the hosting high school are encouraged to write a one-page poem about

“Shooting for Peace” and what it means to them. They will submit their entries

via email to [email protected] 5-10 selected finalists will then be asked to

present their poems to a panel of judges.


Email entries will be due approximately two weeks prior to the event date. Finalists

will be notified 2-3 days prior with a scheduled time on the day of the event to present

to the panel of judges.


Scholarships ranging from $2,000 to approximately $100,000 (full tuition and

books) will be awarded to up to three (3) finalists. The amount of each scholarship

will be dependent upon the university student admission requirements. Winners will

be announced at either the panel discussion or the basketball game on the same day.


“Poetry is a story that is so good,

it doesn’t need complete sentences.”


Shooting For Peace Poetry Contest