Ice Cubes BIG3 and Young3 Teams Up With Shooting For Peace Basketball Legends

Ice Cubes BIG3 and Young3 Teams Up With Basketball Legends

Ice Cube is known for his celebrity status and one of the best entertainers alive. He has done has created songs, movies, and a professional 3 on 3 basketball league called The BIG3. In addition he went out teamed up with NBA legend Jerome “JYD” Williams, ambassador for the Shooting For Peace Program, to launch the YOUNG3.

YOUNG3 Working with Shooting For Peace

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The YOUNG3 is a youth organization that promotes the 3 on 3 basketball style of play to youth throughout he USA. Also, to enhance the program, Jerome called some of his basketball legends from the Shooting For Peace Program to help assist with the mentorship and basketball skills given at a YOUNG3 event. For those that have an attended a YOUNG3 event, most say the experience is second to none!

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