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Shooting For Peace Delivers At All-Star Charlotte 2019

The Shooting For Peace organization strikes again for All-Star Weekend 2019, which was hosted in Charlotte, NC. There is a great article shown below courtesy of Champions Basketball Network.




On behalf of Shooting For Peace, an event was held at Myers Park High School. It was here, Jerome, Nate “Tiny” Archibald, Eric “Broadway” Jones, Charles “Choo” Smith, Tree Rollins and Bobby “Zoro” Hunter, as well as other members of NBRPA chapters, spoke to young students about numerous topics. These included the subject of digital education and the importance of using social media to accomplish positive things in our lives. Students were thrilled to have the opportunity to meet these great athletes and even better humans who go out of their way to ensure the youth is constantly impacted in a positive way. Their goal is to help ensure that these young men and women will do wonderful things in their lives as they  grow older and wiser. Being a positive role model is everything. To help with that, a whopping $1 million in college scholarships were awarded to students of Myers Park High School. These scholarships went to HBCU schools and the timing could not have been better considering its Black History Month, which was also celebrated by Shooting For Peace at Myers Park. After the scholarships were awarded the Shooting For Peace Legends played a few games of basketball against the Myers Park High School student body. The smiles on the young faces said it all.


Jerome Williams had this to say about the event,

“Shooting for Peace in Charlotte, NC made a huge impact on the community.  The students  at Myers Park High and Butler had a chance to meet and speak with Chapter Presidents from the NBRPA.  I could see how the EVERFI 306 African American history program made a lasting impression when Hall of FAMER Nate “Tiny” Archibald answered questions from the panel and the kids eyes lit up.  I’m extremely proud that as former athletes we can come together and give out over $1.3 Million in scholarships on behalf of HBCU’s like Talladega University Ro well deserving students. I literally can’t wait until Chicago next year!!”


While an incredible and memorable All-Star weekend is in the books, let’s not forget about the most important and impactful event of the weekend! CBN went 100% from the field as they shot for peace


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