valley high school 2019 shooting for peace

Shooting For Peace Is Keynote Speaker In Las Vegas College Fair 2019

We all have heard the typical phrase from our parents or guardians which goes something like this, “you need to go to school and get good grades, so you can in turn go to college and then get a good job!” Well the Shooting For Peace teamed up with the Access College event in Las Vegas in October 2019 to deliver an impactful and inspiring message to students. The keynote speaker was none other than global basketball ambassador, Jerome JYD Williams. In addition, to delivering words of wisdom, the Shooting For Peace organization wanted to give students the opportunity to attend college for a lower cost if not 100% FREE!

The event took place at Valley High School, where the Shooting For Peace organization was able team up with Dillard University and hand out academic scholarships to multiple students throughout the Las Vegas Valley. Also, Jerome Williams hosted a question and answering section where the students could ask him anything they felt ambiguous about in life.

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